Catcher - stands out among all others with its round and edgy appearance. Made out of zinc, a natural material that ages beautifully over time with superb long lasting characteristics. With its unique design, it will truly become a eye-catcher for any wall.
Weatherproof Family Design
Be inspired by Catcher
Product Specification: CATCHERZINC
Product Number: CATCHERZINC1
Name: Catcher
Shape: Singles
Material: All sheet metal available
Coating: All available
Size: All
Depth: -
Thickness: 0,6 mm +
Weight: Depends on the material: From 3 kg/square meter +
Mounting: 1 screw/parts
Life span: Depends on the material.
Approximately: 50 - 100 years
Weatherproof: Yes
Our roof and facade systems are available in all existing sheet materials. Here are som examples of sheet materials:
- Aluminum
- Steel
- Stainless steel
- Corten steel
- Zinc
- Aluzinc
- Magnelis
- Galvanized steel
- Copper
- Brass
Do you need help in what material to use? - Let's have a talk.
We can provide all kind of classic sheet metal colors. If you need your own specific color, we can provide that as well. Let’s have a talk.
Coming soon - We are working with our BIM products/files.
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