Tikk Takk

The Tikk Takk facade is a sheet metal work of art, accentuated by triangles. Each shingle is cut and bent individually to create this well balanced design. The geometric shapes and its moving shadow mirrors the soul of Weatherproof Family’s craftsmanship. Unlike “Choice” the shingles ends with inclined edges, a detail visible from the side.
Weatherproof Family Design
Be inspired by Tikk Takk
Product Specification: TIKK TAKK 3D ROMB 424 X 424 X 0.6 3D40
Product Number: TT3DRO424X424063D40
Name: Tikk Takk
Shape: 3D Romb
Material: All sheet metal available
Coating: All available
Size: 424 x 424 mm
Depth: 40 mm
Thickness: 0,6 mm +
Weight: Depends on the material: From 3 kg/square meter +
Mounting: 1 screw/parts
Life span: Depends on the material.
Approximately: 50 - 100 years
Weatherproof: Yes
Our roof and facade systems are available in all existing sheet materials. Here are som examples of sheet materials:
- Aluminum
- Steel
- Stainless steel
- Corten steel
- Zinc
- Aluzinc
- Magnelis
- Galvanized steel
- Copper
- Brass
Do you need help in what material to use? - Let's have a talk.
We can provide all kind of classic sheet metal colors. If you need your own specific color, we can provide that as well. Let’s have a talk.
Coming soon - We are working with our BIM products/files.
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